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velkoobchod Innokin cz

The originality of products Innokin iTaste you can always guarantee a Authorized Distributor Innokin !

Innokin Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury electronic cigarette inhalers, thanks to the unique design and advanced technologies are globally popular and widespread in European and American market. In our shop we offer only original products directly from the factory Innokin, please note that Innokin and iTaste are registered trademarks imitations are attached to the company's reputation with us for obvious reasons, is found.

Innokin Innovative

Innokin is the pioneer of many e cigarette technologies, such as pen clip cap, puff accounter, direct connection, pass-through, on/off switch, led indicator, etc.

Original Innokin

Innokin develops self-own brands, all of its products enjoy unique features, such as LEA, LEOPro, AIO, iTaste VV, etc.

Innokin Top quality

Innokin makes top quality e cigarettes. Innokin has the most intelligent personal vaporizer iTaste VV and the most compatible smart PCC AIO most detailed electronic cigarette.

Innokin is a concept

Innokin improves its products into every detail to make legendary electric cigarettes; good advices from the vapers are always taken.

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